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Hit record and Loom AI will do the rest

Share flawless videos without lifting a finger. Loom AI auto-enhances your video and transforms your script into a doc.


Record and share your videos 60% faster

Communicate with confidence knowing Loom AI magically refines, edits, and produces a text doc for your video

Build and ship quicker with AI workflows

Ready-to-share documents in one click. Loom AI workflows help you complete important tasks, fast.

Write a document

Document your work to scale knowledge

Achieve fast alignment and accelerate your sprints when you use AI workflows to craft accurate code and process docs. AI workflows follows the steps outlined in your video to create pull request descriptions, SOPs, and more.

Create an issue

Report bugs in Jira or Linear in a few clicks

Save time reporting bugs and filing Jira and Linear tickets. Loom can take your video's content and instantly populate all the essential context in a ticket. Now your devs have what they need, and you have extra time.

Write a message

Auto-add context with your Loom link

Loom instantly generates written messages for you to share alongside your video link, whether you're sending a loom via DM or an email.

Messages always land with Loom AI

FeaturesVideos with Loom AIVideos without Loom AI
Embed a CTA linkAuto-generatedManual
Filler word removalAuto-generatedNot available
Silence removalAuto-generatedNot available
Turn your video into a document Auto-generatedNot available
Turn your video into a Jira or Linear issueAuto-generatedNot available
Turn your video into a message or emailAuto-generatedNot available

Loom AI works in 50+ languages

We speak your language. Español, deutsche, português, русский, français, nederlandse, norsk, cymraeg, tagalog, italiana, 日本語, українська, polski, bahasa Indonesia, & many more

I was creating a video for a hack-a-thon and decided to try out Loom AI workflows. I literally said WHOA out loud after my first use. It managed to capture accurate steps in a doc with 20 (ONLY TWENTY) seconds of video. I am amazed. It really felt like the future.

Security and Trust Manager, Enterprise tech company

New features coming soon

Loom AI is just getting started — we're dreaming up and working on new powerful features every day!

  • Coming Soon

    Auto-capture dev tools

    Instantly add console logs, browser info and more to your Jira or Linear ticket

  • Coming Soon

    AI voices and avatars

    AI text-to-speech and facial avatars allow you create custom videos at scale, without the need to re-record

  • Coming Soon

    Connection to Confluence and more

    After Loom AI workflows transforms your video into a doc, you can open it directly in your collaboration or project management tool

  • Coming Soon

    Auto-add visuals to step-by-step guides

    Record how to do something, then let Loom AI instantly add video clips, gifs, or screenshots for each step

What customers are saying

96% of Loom users say the AI Suite features are already extremely or very valuable to their workflows

@loom launching ai video titles into new recordings is an absolute game changer and time saver. Thank you. <3

David ShaweDesigner/Owner, Invisible Building

If you want an example of a company that’s integrating AI to 10x the seamlessness of their product, just look at Loom.

Ryan CarrFounder, Tailwind

The AI generated chapters in Loom is the kind of feature I always wanted but didn’t know.

Christophe PasquierCEO, Slite

Woahhhh!! Just recorded a Loom and Loom AI immediately generated an accurate summary and table of contents for my video! Amazing!! 🤯🤩

Michelle BakelsProgram Director, G2i

Loom AI not only saves time and effort but also makes your videos more accessible and engaging for your audience. 🎥✨

Edie ClarkeRemote Video Producer, VirtuallyInSync

@loom launching ai video titles into new recordings is an absolute game changer and time saver. Thank you. <3

David ShaweDesigner/Owner, Invisible Building

If you want an example of a company that’s integrating AI to 10x the seamlessness of their product, just look at Loom.

Ryan CarrFounder, Tailwind


How do I purchase Loom AI?

Paid Plans: Admins of accounts on paid plans (Business or Enterprise) can add Loom AI to their current plan for $4 creator/month (billed annually) or $5 creator/month (billed monthly). You can purchase the Loom AI suite here.

Starter Free: Users on a Starter Free plan will need to upgrade to a paid plan first in order to add Loom AI. You can upgrade and purchase the Loom AI suite here.

Can I try Loom AI for free?

Yes, anyone in a Starter free or Business plan workspace is provided complimentary AI uses. A notification in app will appear once you've exhausted your complimentary AI usage. Education plans do not have access to the AI suite. Not all Enterprise plans will automatically have AI access but can speak to sales here for trial. 

How much does Loom AI cost?

The Loom AI suite costs $4 creator/month (billed annually) or $5 creator/month (billed monthly) for the number of seats in your workspace. Every creator or admin in your workspace will have access to the AI features.

You can purchase the Loom AI suite here.

Why should I consider upgrading to Loom AI?

Lots of companies are adding AI to their products. At Loom, our No. 1 priority is to build AI features that further our mission to unlock effective communication. The Loom AI suite — both current and upcoming features — are built to help you:

  • Get Work Done Faster — 67% of users do not edit the auto generated title, gaining efficiency benefit without investing additional time. The Loom AI Suite reduces time spent packaging and sharing Looms after recording; so you can send a polished, high quality video quickly.
  • Increase Productivity — 73% of people said it is “extremely or very valuable” to their workflows today. AI Suite reduces the need to re-record Looms so you can make your first take your best take.
  • Communicate Effectively — 18% more viewer engagement. AI Suite adds context instantly and automatically — title, summary, chapters, and tasks — to ensure your message is clear and viewers can quickly consume and respond.
How is my data used?

OpenAI receives transcript data as text files in order to generate titles and summaries. OpenAI does not receive full videos or audio.

We only send data to trusted third-party systems that are subject to strict privacy and security controls. Our third-party sub-processors are subject to appropriate agreements with Loom and/or its Users to secure and protect the confidentiality of data. Furthermore, we have executed DPAs with our subprocessors.

More details and Loom's list of sub-processors can be found here. Loom's AI Terms can be found here.

What languages does Loom AI support?

Loom AI auto-enhancement features (such as automatic titles, summaries, etc.) are generated in 50+ languages.

Our new AI workflows feature currently only generates documentation in English. More languages will be supported by AI workflows soon.