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New Year, New (Faster & Smarter) Ways of Working in 2024

"Content scales, time doesn't." At Loom, we are well aware of that philosophy – and that’s why our mission is to help people communicate more effectively and optimize productivity. This past quarter, we’ve been focusing on building features that inspire everyone to try new ways of working with async video.

How managers can use Loom to boost connection, recognition, and goal clarity within their teams.

From keeping teams connected across time zones, to cutting out the maybe-not-so-essential meetings that have a way of sticking on calendars, to staying focused on the work that’s important — Loom users thrived this year. Let’s take a look back at the year and see the story behind the stats.

Our team at Loom has built many amazing features this year, from AI-generated titles and chapters to instant transcripts in 50+ languages. But much more important to me as CTO has been the behind-the-scenes effort to improve the reliability and performance of our core product experience.

With this update, we’re also unifying the Loom look and feel across our most popular recorders. Whether you use our Chrome extension or desktop apps (and many of you record with both!), creating looms should feel familiar—and now, easier than ever.