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5 Strategies to Unlock Immediate ROI with Loom for Revenue Teams

Loom, Empowering Revenue Teams for Success

In the fast-paced world of sales, finding innovative ways to connect with and engage customers is crucial. Loom offers a game-changing solution by seamlessly integrating video into the sales and CS process. Imagine the power of conveying your message, product details, and value proposition within a quick two-minute video, accelerating your sales cycle and breaking down communication barriers.

The Power of Async video, The #1 Most Engaging Content Type

Today's customers are smarter and have more options than ever before, signaling a need for a shift in sales approach. With informed buyers seeking self-service information online in the form of reviews or Youtube videos, it’s crucial for the Sales methodology to evolve too. 

In a world dominated by information overload, async video is the key to capturing your audience's attention. According to Wyzowl statistics, 79% of people are persuaded to buy software or apps after watching a video, while a staggering 89% make purchasing decisions based on video content.

Diversifying Your Toolkit

Unlock the full potential of video through a diverse range of use cases that cater to both the spontaneous and the strategic aspects of your sales cycle. Imagine the impact of sending a quick update or an introductory message to a prospect, effortlessly conveying your message with visual clarity instead of relying on traditional text. Answering questions becomes a breeze as you respond with Loom videos, providing a dynamic and engaging alternative to written explanations.

But it doesn't stop there; Loom empowers you with evergreen use cases that can transform your sales approach. From the sales cycle to onboarding, identify repetitive tasks and seize the opportunity to record them once and be able to share the content a thousand times. Whether it's a product demo, a standardized onboarding process, or a comprehensive proposal overview, Loom empowers revenue teams to streamline their efforts, making each interaction as impactful as the first. The versatility of Loom's use cases ensures that it's not just a tool for the moment; it's a strategic asset that evolves with your revenue needs, ultimately helping you crush your quota.

LFS use case

5 Strategies to Unlock ROI with Loom for Revenue Teams

1. Prospecting: Increase click-through-rate by 300%

Seamlessly embed Loom videos wherever your conversations happen, according to a report published by Forrester, including video on an email leads to a whopping 300% increase in click-through rate. So whether it’s emails, LinkedIn messages, or even Slack conversations, Loom is here to help transform your Sales outreach efforts into engaging visual narratives. Utilize Loom's new Variables (available in beta for a limited time trial on Business and Enterprise plans) - a way to personalize evergreen videos with the name of your customers to send the same video to multiple prospects. This is an easy automated way to personalize your Looms at scale to increase views and engagement. During the prospecting phase of the Sales process, knowing everything about your customers’ interactions is crucial, that’s why we are happy to introduce our latest feature, Request Email to View. Viewers are asked to enter their email address prior to viewing videos if they are not logged into Loom. This feature eliminates the "anonymous view" and ensures your Sales team knows exactly which prospects they are connecting with. 

2. Pre-Call: Boost cold email reply rates by 19%

Since Intercom has adopted Loom video messaging into their sales outreach, they have seen their cold email reply rates jump by 19%! Getting your prospect to open your email and engage with your content is only the first step. With Loom, you can easily implement a Call to Action (CTA) to schedule a call — significantly increasing the likelihood of receiving a response. While scheduling a phone call with a busy executive or decision maker can be difficult, async videos enable you to use a modern approach and engage with them while overcoming scheduling conflicts.

Once you have a meeting on your calendar, deploy a pre-watch video summarizing key details, meeting objectives, and expectations. Sending the pre-watch two days before the scheduled call helps ensure that the right individuals attend, which leads to more productive and meaningful conversations. 

3. Track engagement: Enhance future content engagement by 2x

Take the guesswork out of your Sales process. Loom conducted our own research and found that customers who interact with video outreach are 2x more likely to engage with future content. With Loom, you can elevate your demos with time-stamped comments, emoji reactions, and adjustable playback speeds for a memorable and interactive experience. Easily identify Loom video viewers, how often they watch, and their interaction levels, including clicks on Call to Action buttons.

With our new integration with Salesforce, we are taking our tracking capabilities up a notch. You can now access Loom engagement data directly within Salesforce as it automatically syncs to the contact or lead that viewed your video, allowing you to quickly identify highly-engaged customers. Know your top performing content by creating Salesforce reports using Looms engagement data to identify your most successful videos, track content viewing durations, and even discover team members with top-performing videos.

4. Product overview: Elevate product knowledge by 96% through video

Shifting gears to product overviews, according to Wyzowl statistics 96% of people are already using video to learn more about products and services. By using Loom to captivate your audience with compelling videos, you can convey a story 22x more memorable than traditional presentations that lack the story aspect, according to Stanford. Through video, you can emphasize benefits over features to ensure your audience comprehends the true value of your product or service, leading to a more effective and memorable delivery.

5. Conversation follow-up: Amplify knowledge sharing by 51% with video content

Efficiency in the follow-up is paramount, and Loom is here for you when your leads go quiet and the back and forth via email is never ending. Loom has the solution to not only re-engage, but streamline the process. Embed Loom videos in emails to reduce communication delays and provide comprehensive answers to prospect and customer questions. According to Wyzowl, 51% of people are more likely to share a video than any other type of content. Loom allows your sellers and CS teams to maximize their impact by sharing Loom videos with one person, knowing that it can be viewed and shared by multiple champions and decision makers for greater influence and reach. 

Transforming Sales in the Digital Age

Loom is not just a tool; it's a revolution in the way revenue professionals connect with their audience. In a recent study done by Wyzowl 66% of people said that they would prefer to watch a short video demo and only 2% said that they wanted to listen to a live sales pitch.

Embrace the power of Loom’s async video capabilities and break through the noise, engage customers effectively, and propel your sales process to new heights. The future of sales is here, and it's visual, dynamic, and driven by Loom. Crush your quota with Loom for Sales today!


Jan 4, 2024

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