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Loom Coupon Codes

At Loom, we believe async video is driving the future of modern work. When we launched on Product Hunt in 2016 we offered Loom for free to everyone, then in 2019 we introduced Loom Business at $10/month.

For that price you get to record as many Looms as you want with an unlimited recording length.

We later introduced Loom Enterprise for larger customers like Hubspot and Atlassian to bring async video to their entire workforce. And in response to the pandemic, we made Loom free for educators. But we know everyone likes a deal.

So here’s the deal about promo codes at Loom: starting in late 2020, we’ve run a few small tests offering promos to startups, founder groups, and other private communities. Loom has deep roots in the startup community and we want to support the next generation of founders.

If you're not a current Loom customer we'd encourage you to sign up for a free account. You'll get free access to our Business plan for 14 days.

If you love using Loom then we'd love to have you as a customer.

Thanks for checking us out and we hope you start recording with us soon.


Feb 28, 2022

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