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Loom Alternatives: Free & Paid Options For 2022

Look, we get it. You’re looking for Loom alternatives and we still popped up.

Despite being one of the first cloud-based screen recording tools when we launched on Product Hunt in 2016, there are a lot of other options available today. 

In this guide, you’ll get our honest perspective on how Loom compares to other popular screen recording tools. But one thing to note first, these are just 9 Loom alternatives and don’t represent the full suite of competing products.

If you want to give us one more shot then click the button below, otherwise keep scrolling to see how Loom compares to other options.

Other Loom Alternatives

  • Descript

  • Screencastify

  • BombBomb

  • CloudApp

  • Soapbox

  • Vidyard


  • Slack Clips

  • Clip by ClickUp

Loom vs Descript

Descript is an online video and audio editing tool you can use to edit podcasts and videos. Descript also has a screen recording tool but it’s a secondary product to their suite of video editing features.

Loom's primary product is our cloud-based screen recording tool. That’s our core focus and where all of our product development resources go. We care about building a world-class async video tool for modern work to empower users around the world and we believe our product roadmap shows that. 


Loom Features:

  • Screen Recording: record your cam, screen, or both

  • Chrome Extension & Desktop app: Record up to 4k with our desktop app or 1080p with the chrome extension.

  • Video Stitching: Combine multiple looms together into one super loom

  • Automatic transcriptions: View the video transcript instantly

  • Filler word removal: Remove those umms and uhhs with one click.

  • Video hosting: Upload your videos to Loom to store them all in one easily searchable place.

  • Backgrounds & Camera Frames: Add style to your looms with custom backgrounds and fun designs around your camera bubble frame.

  • Comments & Reactions: React to looms with emojis or through comments. 

  • Loom AI: Adds custom titles, summaries, chapters, and more to your Looms, instantly. More to come!

Descript Features:

  • Online video editing

  • Online podcast editing

  • Audio overdub

  • Filler word removal

  • Screen and webcam recording

  • Transcript generation and editing


Loom Pricing:

  • Free: Record up to 5-minute looms for up to 25 looms total.

  • Business: $12.50/month (annually) for unlimited recordings, plus custom branding, engagement insights, password protection, and more.

  • Enterprise: For large companies looking to bring async video messaging to their entire organization. 

Descript Pricing:

  • Free: Unlimited screen recordings capped at 720p resolution.

  • Creator: $15/month for 10 hours of video transcription and unlimited watermark-free exports.

  • Pro: $30/month for 30 hours of transcription, unlimited overdub, and more.

Loom vs Screencastify

Screencastify is a combined tool for video capturing, editing, and collecting video submissions. It seems primarily aimed at the education market.

If you’re an educator you can get Loom for free through our education plan.

Screencastify does not have a dedicated desktop app and instead, all of its features are only available through a browser or a chrome plugin for screen recording. 

Pricing for Screencastify is only available on an annual basis with a discount provided for teachers. 

Screencastify Features

  • Chrome extension screen recorder that saves your files to Google Drive

  • Online video editor

  • Collect video assignments from students


Screencastify’s pricing is broken out into three tiers with different pricing for individuals, teachers, or schools. The below pricing is for individuals:

  • Record:$49/yr - Record your screen with their chrome extension. 

  • Edit: $49/yr - An online video editor for an additional. 

  • Submit: $99/yr - Collect video submissions for an additional. 

Loom vs BombBomb

BombBomb is a video messaging tool primarily aimed at sales teams to create more email clicks and replies. It’s built to improve the performance of sales outreach through prospecting, inbound lead response, connecting with unresponsive prospects, and more. 

Bombbomb has many of the same features of Loom, including screen recording, unlimited storage, virtual backgrounds, and the ability to record via a Chrome extension, but at a higher cost of $40/month.

Bombbomb also does not currently have a free plan but you can try their product free for 14 days.


BombBomb Pricing:

  • Essentials: $40/month which is good for 1-to-1 video messaging and unlimited recordings.

  • Plus: $69/month which includes mass sending, team management tools, and their Salesforce integration.

Loom vs CloudApp

CloudApp is a screen recorder, screenshot, and annotation tool. Like Loom, CloudApp has a native desktop app as well as a chrome extension. 

CloudApp’s free version only lets users record up to 1.5 minutes of video which is shorter than Loom’s 5-minute recording limit. CloudApp’s transcription features are also locked behind their Enterprise plan whereas Loom's transcription is available for every plan, even free accounts. 

Loom is also the best-rated video communication software by G2.

CloudApp Features

  • Screen capture and recording

  • Annotations

  • Screenshots

  • Gif maker

  • Transcriptions (Enterprise plan only)

CloudApp Pricing

  • Free: Record 25 videos up to 1.5 minutes each

  • Individual: $9.95/month to record unlimited videos of unlimited length. 

  • Team: $8.95/month/user with a 3 user minimum. 

  • Enterprise

Loom vs Soapbox

Soapbox is a screen recording tool by Wistia. Wistia is primarily a video hosting service for businesses and their screen recording tool is a secondary product. Like Vidyard, Soapbox is only available as a Chrome extension and shares many of the same features, like webcam recording, calls to action, video analytics, and custom share pages.

But many of those features are locked behind an expensive yearly plan that starts at $300.  

To use Soapbox you have to sign up for Wistia. Their free plan includes unlimited soapbox videos, but to download or track your video performance you have to sign up for their $300/year Solo plan. In comparison, Loom starts at only $12.50/month for a single user. 

Like Descript’s screen recording tool, Soapbox by Wistia isn’t their core product. Loom’s core product goal is to build a world-class way to communicate asynchronously with video messaging, and we’re focused on enabling our 14 million users around the world to continue doing that. 

Soapbox Pricing

  • Free: Create unlimited videos with limited features

  • Solo: $300/yr – download videos, video analytics, custom share pages, 

  • Teams: $420/yr – Default team branding, view team-based engagement data, multi-user video reviews.

Loom vs Vidyard

VIdyard, like BombBomb, is also a tool built for sales teams. They have integrations with LinkedIn, Marketo, Salesforce, and more. Their analytics tool helps you understand who’s watching your video, how long they’re watching for, and if they convert into customers or not.

Both Loom and Vidyard have video analytics and call-to-action buttons, but only Loom has video transcription and the ability to stitch multiple videos together. Vidyard only has a Chrome extension whereas Loom has both a Chrome extension and a Desktop app with the ability to record in 4k resolution. 

Loom is also more cost-effective, starting at $12.50/mo compared to Vidyard’s $19/mo. 


Vidyard Pricing:

  • Free: Record up to 25 videos at 30 minutes each

  • Pro: $19/month. Record unlimited videos at an hour each

  • Business: $300/month. Record unlimited videos of an unlimited length.

  • Enterprise: $1,250/month

Loom Pricing:

  • Free: Record up to 25 looms of 5 minutes each

  • Business: $12.50/month for unlimited recordings

  • Enterprise: SSO, SCIM, and other advanced admin and security features for large teams

Loom vs

Veed seems to be positioned as Descript alternative. They focus heavily on video editing through your chrome browser. also enables you to record your screen but they don’t have a Chrome Extension or a desktop app. To screen record you have to visit the website, login, and then you can record from there.

Compared to, Loom has both a native desktop application and a Chrome extension to make recording easy and smooth for everyone. 


  • Free: Export a video up to 10 minutes in length with a watermark

  • Basic: $25/month - export a video up to 25 minutes in length

  • Pro: $38/month - export a video up to 2 hours in length

Loom vs Slack Clips

Slack Clips is a native screen recording feature built into Slack. It allows you to voice over something, with video or audio, within the Slack app to add more context.

Slack Clips does not work outside of the Slack application so it’s fairly limited in that regard. Clips can only be shared in channels or through DMs on Slack and your coworkers can reply with text, audio, video, or emojis.

Slack Clips has a 5-minute limit with no way to increase it. Loom has an unlimited recording limit for our paid plans and a 5-minute limit for our free plans. 


  • Limited screen recording abilities from within paid Slack workspaces.


Slack Clips is only available for paid Slack accounts. 

Loom vs Clip by ClickUp

Clip is a screen recording tool built into ClickUp. It can record your entire screen, including content outside of ClickUp, that you can share with a link.

Clips can also generate a task within ClickUp for your team to follow up on. You can go beyond just sending a video to someone and create an actionable, trackable follow-up from it. 

Clip is available on all ClickUp plans, including the free version, but Clips will take up storage space on the free plan whereas they don’t on the paid plans. Guests in your ClickUp workspace also do not have access to record Clips.

Clip only seems useful for heavy ClickUp users. When I tried to record a Clip myself there was no countdown after I selected what window I wanted to record, it just started recording. I personally found the experience very barebones. 


  • Limited screen recording and sharing only from within ClickUp


  • Available for all ClickUp plans

Wrapping Up Loom Alternatives

There’s a lot of screen recording tools out there today and frankly they’re all a little different. Some like Slack Clips or Clip by ClickUp are only available in their respective applications, some like Descript are a secondary product, and some are positioned more for educators than for the workplace.

We hope that Loom is a screen recording tool for everyone and hope you give it another shot.


May 19, 2022

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