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Loom vs. BombBomb: An Exhaustive Comparison (2024)

You should always weigh your options when you’re shopping for a new video messaging tool. You might be thinking, which is better for me—Loom or BombBomb?

The short answer is that we both have our strengths. We believe that Loom is the best around (we’d have a lot of work to do if we didn’t), but we also know that we have great competitors. In this article, we want to share our honest, unfiltered opinions about which of us might be right for you.

What is Loom?

Loom is a screen recording and video messaging software that focuses on making collaboration and communication easier, no matter who’s on the other end of your message—team members, customers, and partners included. We focus on making our solutions accessible to all types of teams and businesses.

Our customers recorded over 77 million videos this year, up 22% from last year. Those videos were watched 37% more than they were last year, too.

We’re proud of these stats, but don’t let them fool you into thinking our technology is just video messaging. Sending, analyzing, and recording video messages is a big part of what we do, but there’s a lot more to it, too:

  • Our solutions are available as a desktop application, mobile app, and Chrome extension.

  • Loom AI (artificial intelligence) makes polishing and sharing a video easy for anyone.

  • We integrate with the most common communication tools like Google Workplace and Slack.

  • Our tools make videos interactive with features like comments, emojis, transcripts, and more.

  • Your videos exist in an easily accessible and searchable library.

  • Our technology is enterprise-grade secure with features like single sign on (SSO), SCIM provisioning, custom data retention policies, and privacy settings.

BombBomb and Loom have some of these features in common, but ours are easy to use and to integrate for anyone, whereas BombBomb has a narrower focus.

What is BombBomb?

BombBomb is a video messaging platform that’s focused on sales teams. Their software has been described as a Loom alternative because of their integrations with many enterprise sales tools.

Loom integrates with the most commonly used sales and marketing tools too, like Salesforce. But BombBomb’s team prioritized building those integrations over others like mail and messaging apps.

Their mission is to help sales teams convert business faster, and while you may be able to use their video messaging solutions for other purposes, their product focuses on personalizing the sales experience for established businesses.

Loom vs. BombBomb: Feature-by-feature comparison

Loom and BombBomb have some features that overlap and some that don’t. Let’s pop the hood on exactly what’s different between our two solutions, so you can determine which is right for you.

Screen recording

Both Loom and BombBomb can record your screen and your face at the same time, but the videos could look a lot different when you’re done recording them.

It’s easier to make a Loom than a BombBomb video. Our Quick Record feature is available in the most common places where you’d be talking to someone online, and you can create, edit, annotate, caption, and share, all on the same screen.

We also offer an AI-powered add-on to make polishing and packaging up your recordings easy. Loom AI automatically generates a title, summary, chapters, and CTA link of the webpage you’re sharing, and can even suggest a message to include when you share the video. 

loom ai
Introducing Loom’s powerful AI, available as an add-on to paid tiers

BombBomb also allows users to record their screen and their face at the same time, but you’ve got to either log into their tool or be using one of the sales-focused tools they integrate with.

There are templates and interactive elements available in the editing stage, like adding a CTA banner or a logo (if you’re on their enterprise plan), but not much else.

Video quality

You can produce a much higher quality video with Loom than you can with BombBomb. Loom videos are recorded in high definition (HD) or 4K resolution with our business and enterprise plans.

BombBomb records at 1080p videos across all plans. Our free plan records a lower video resolution at 720p, but BombBomb doesn’t offer a free plan. You’d pay more for a 1080p video on BombBomb’s starter plan than you would for an HD or 4K video on the Loom Business plan. 

Analytics and reporting

Loom and BombBomb have a different focus when it comes to analyzing and reporting on video messaging. Loom’s Insights Hub offers analytics on video views, engagement, and how well you’re communicating. 

We offer reports that are focused on helping you improve communication—we want you to see what resonated the most with viewers, identify videos that have the biggest impact, and help you get better at creating these videos over time.

Analytics and reporting with Loom

BombBomb is focused on analyzing the effectiveness of your sales email program. They report on things like video views and watch time, too, but are more focused on how many videos you’ve sent to your contacts, and whether or not they influence campaigns in your customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

bombbomb insights
BombBomb dashboard for tracking metrics and performance for your sales program


Both Loom and BombBomb integrate with other tools to make recording and sharing videos easier.

Loom integrates with all of the most commonly used tools for internal communication in the workplace, and with customers and prospects. We’re focused on working with your tech stack, so communication through video doesn’t disrupt your workflow. 

Loom’s integrations include:

  • Calendly

  • Salesforce

  • Zendesk

  • Atlassian’s Jira

  • Zoom

  • Gmail

  • Google Workspace

  • Slack

  • Notion

  • And so many more with Quick Record and Embedly

BombBomb integrates with many major enterprise-level sales tools, like Salesforce, Zendesk and Outreach, but doesn’t integrate with tools like Slack, Zoom or Google Workspace.

There are many more integrations, but the bottom line is that they prioritize integrating with tools for very specific teams. Loom integrates with tools used at companies of all sizes, across all departments, powering wall-to-wall usage.

Customer support

Loom offers customer support for both our business and enterprise plans, whereas you’ll need BombBomb’s Plus plan to get any dedicated customer support at all.

Our business plan customers are treated as a priority by our customer support team, accessed through the Loom app.

loom support
Easily accessing Customer Support within your Loom account

Our enterprise customers are provided with a separate, dedicated support team, account manager, and access to custom onboarding and education materials.


Loom is a less expensive alternative to BombBomb across all three pricing tiers and offers a free plan, whereas BombBomb does not. Here’s the breakdown:


  • Starter: Our free plan includes screen capture and recording, our webcam bubble, transcriptions, video privacy controls, viewer insights, and a team workspace.

  • Business: For $12.50/mo annually or $15.00/mo monthly, this plan includes our Starter features and adds unlimited video creation (and length), embedded links in videos, importing and downloading videos, and password protection. Loom branding can be removed. Enterprise: When you choose Enterprise (ask us about custom pricing), your plan includes SSO and SCIM, advanced content privacy, custom data retention policies, Salesforce integration, and custom onboarding/support. All on top of the Business and Starter features.

  • Add-Ons: $4.00/mo annually for Loom AI, available at Business and Enterprise tiers.


  • Essentials: $33.00/mo Annually, or $39.00/mo Monthly will get you unlimited screen recording, webcam recording, videos (and length), and storage. You also get custom branding, video editing, and privacy settings.

  • Plus: $49.00/mo Annually, or $69.00/mo Monthly includes Essential features and unlocks video insights, advanced video interactions, automations (like mass emails for campaigns), and advanced video editing, plus admin and team controls.

  • Teams: Custom pricing is provided for Teams. Experience all of Essentials and Business, plus advanced admin controls, security/compliance features, SSO and SCIM/OKTA, custom onboarding/support, and embeds within your CRM.

Our more expensive plans unlock our AI tools and advanced security functionality, whereas BombBomb’s pricing increases with the ability to send mass emails and integrate with your CRM.

Ease of use

Loom was built to be intuitive. BombBomb, on the other hand, might have a bit of a learning curve depending on how it’s integrated with your tech stack.

Our Chrome Extension allows you to start recording your screen and your face in just two clicks on any website or tool.

loom extesnsion
The Loom Chrome Extension, right at your fingertips

You can add comments for views, notes, or annotations at any point when you’re recording—and you don’t even have to do all of your naming and storing. Our recording tool and AI tools do that for you.

BombBomb has some features built with ease of use in mind, like the integrations within your CRM and a mobile app that allows sellers to record videos for prospects and customers on-the-go. 

Depending on how you’ve integrated BombBomb with your tools though, the onboarding process might take some time before you can dive into recording and sharing videos. 

Loom vs. BombBomb: Use cases

We’ve talked in broad strokes about how BombBomb was built for sellers and Loom was built with the whole organization in mind, but let’s walk through how that’s worked in practice for some real companies.

Loom for video messaging

Loom’s mission is to make communication and collaboration easier with video. Our features optimize asynchronous communication without cramming your calendar full of meetings or losing a personal connection with customers and team members.

loom video messaging
Saving time and improving collaboration with Loom’s video messaging features

Loom’s collaboration features make it easy to:

  • Give and get feedback faster: You can convey more information in a short timeframe, mark up your screen, and record your message in context.

  • Streamline team standups: Instead of writing in a tone that might be taken out of context, you can click record and update your team with async video.

  • Work with anyone: You can work with customers and team members across departments or across time zones.

LaunchDarkly is a tool that helps engineering teams deploy products faster—but they can’t do that if they’re bogged down with meetings and written status updates.

One product manager on their team used Loom to switch the team’s mindset from live meetings to async video and replaced 523 meetings with Loom in just 90 days. They were collaborating better than ever while saving time for their developers, sales, and marketing teams.

Loom is a game-changer for me. I get a lot more done, because I can communicate more effectively across different kinds of situations...and keep cross-functional teams focused on our end goal.
Brandon Mensing

BombBomb for video email

BombBomb’s video tools are used to give messages a personal touch primarily over email marketing and sales efforts. Their tools are meant to make attaching a personalized video message easy for sellers by:

  • Easily updating customers on their account without a meeting

  • Recording their screen to walk through input or offers

  • Onboarding new clients or talent to the team

bombbomb platform

Their customers say that BombBomb promotes human-centric communication and helps when concepts are just too complicated to explain over email.

bombbomb reviews

Loom for sales prospecting

Loom is an incredibly powerful tool to make sales outreach more effective, speed up your sales cycle, and streamline customer onboarding. 

Our integrations with popular sales software like Salesforce make it easy to send pre- and post-meeting recaps so you can make the most of your time.

loom salesforce
Loom’s integrations bring your sales prospecting tools to the next level

PostClick (now Instapage) is a powerful SaaS tool for designing, testing and managing landing pages that convert. They faced some inefficiencies across sales, customer support, and other teams, and needed a solution to make async work with customers easier.

Within a month of working with Loom, they saw 60% company adoption and 50% fewer meetings. Their customers loved the personal touch in Loom video messages and responded positively.

Loom creates an ongoing visual and audible experience across our business and enables our employees to feel part of a unified culture and company.
Tyson Quick

BombBomb for real estate 

Real estate agents have been happy with BombBomb for helping them communicate with prospective buyers and sellers using integrations with popular sites like Zillow and Remax.

bombbomb real estate

BombBomb allows real estate agents to communicate with clients async, and to share tips, tricks, and information for prospective buyers.

Customers have said that automating messages to customers has helped them during busy times, and increased the amount of touchpoints overall.

bombbomb reviews 2

More use cases: BombBomb vs. Loom

Both BombBomb and Loom can be used in many other scenarios, but are well known for some specific use cases.

BombBomb is best fit for use cases we’ve already covered, like sales, marketing, and customer support, whereas Loom is successful across the following:

Take marketing teams for example—Loom helps create videos for customers at every step of the buyer journey, makes onboarding easy, and probably integrates with your marketing platform.

Braze, a comprehensive customer engagement platform, needed an affordable solution to creating personalized videos at scale. 

They used Loom to create 100+ marketing videos for the traditional price of one, and saw an 18% jump in visitors to blog posts in one week when a video was embedded.

It really took no time at all to realize our Braze TV vision with Loom. It has such a fast learning curve that we could deliver a rapid time to launch.
Chris Radtke, Senior Director of Content Marketing at Braze

Marketing’s not alone—design teams work better with Loom too. Loom helps designers communicate their thought process and creative feedback directly in a video recording, instead of clogging up their calendars with meetings.

Tide Cleaners needed to remove friction from their design process, and move past in-person meetings at every stage of a project. They used Loom to present designs and collect feedback async, eliminating 80% of in-person meetings.

Being able to comment on a specific video timecode allows comments to be precise in direction...Loom has taught us that the majority of the meetings can be cut down, and the majority of comments are not needed.
Mike Trozzo

Loom vs. BombBomb: Which tool is right for you?

If you’re just interested in equipping sellers with an additional tool to move customers through an email pipeline, then you might consider BombBomb.

If you’re looking to work cross-functionally to improve customer success, productivity, and employee engagement, consider Loom. We think we’re the best option for cost efficiency and ease of use across teams, while still making a big impact on your business’s bottom line.

The best part—you don’t need to pay to try us.


Dec 31, 2023

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