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12 Video Creation Tools for Collaboration, Sales, and Marketing Mastery

Whether your team is crafting a video to communicate internally, collaborate, improve the sales funnel, or build marketing campaigns, they need a video creation tool to do the job.

Choosing the right platform means considering factors like user-friendliness, video quality, hosting options, and more. You’ll need a unique blend of features for recording, collaborating, editing, publishing, and sharing videos. 

Not all platforms can do it all—a great platform doesn't end with video creation and sharing. 

Video tools should equip your team to facilitate and improve viewer engagement. If your brand can interact with viewers beyond the video itself, you can turn prospects into customers and keep your colleagues informed.

Here's the good news: You don't have to spend hours looking for a video creation tool or waste precious time trying a handful of apps. Take a look at this shortlist of the top 12 video tools.

Learn how video creation tools help remote and dispersed teams build projects, sell, and market their products. Plus, find out how to integrate the right platform for your communication stack, and the top video maker apps to adopt today.

6 reasons video creation tools are essential for teams

Videos help teams communicate with each other regardless of busy schedules or time zones. Brands can also reach target audiences wherever they are. The interactive medium brings products to life by showing immersive point-of-view experiences. Video creation platforms give your team the following advantages:

1. Join the growing demand for videos

Users are tired of reading. Or, they're tired of only having one option when getting to know a product. Video is rising rapidly as a new way to engage users. Meet them on the medium they prefer, where they're more likely to engage with your business.

2. Communicate 24/7 and extend brand reach

Companies can create a variety of evergreen video assets. Whether it's a 101 on how to use a favorite electric kettle, or an interview with a company's CEO explaining their promise to customers, video keeps working long after users record. Just embed or distribute videos wherever the target audience thrives.

Beyond sales and marketing, teams can also use video for everything from internal communications to customer support and beyond. When your team collaborates or shares feedback, they don’t have to meet in person. An async video made with Loom keeps your team connected and replaces unnecessary meetings.

3. Connect personally

There's nothing like interactive videos for offering a personalized experience. 

Teams using video creation tools like Loom nurture customer connections at scale by recording async videos in seconds and sharing them through numerous distribution channels. The same goes for nurturing team communication, which is particularly important for remote teams. 

Videos can also provide more personalized communication. For example, Loom’s interactive elements include emoji reactions, time-stamped comments, and intentional CTAs to boost your audience engagement and pinpoint exactly where your content is most impactful.

4. Showcase value

Show your brand’s value from a personal, relevant point of view with video. Customers can experience your product or service as if they are trying it themselves. Your teams can also share projects and champion new ideas with leadership while presenting visual examples and slides. 

5. Save time

Building projects, maintaining team alignment, marketing efficiently, and closing deals are all hard work. Reduce the time it takes to produce and edit videos with an efficient and easy-to-implement video creation tool.

Plus, once your team hits “publish,” they don't have to repeat themselves just because people forget information. The evergreen video asset lives long after recording and continuously serves viewers. 

 6. Launch more engaging experiences

The right video creation tool will also pave the way for multiple engagement opportunities. Once your audiences use Loom, for example, to comment on brand videos, reply with their own video responses, or access additional files and resources, your team can further engage and nurture those prospects throughout the customer journey

Your team can also provide continuous feedback internally through comments, emojis, and video replies for stronger collaboration.

12 top video creation tools for high-performing teams

Here’s a selection of robust video platforms to execute professional-quality team videos—whether you need them for marketing, sales, or another use case:

1. Loom: The async solution

Loom Homepage
Loom homepage

Loom is a user-friendly, asynchronous video creation tool. With one click, teams can record, communicate value, and publish in minutes. Users can record their screen and themselves simultaneously, a great advantage when presenting or walking through a product. Embed recorded videos on a website, share them via a link, or include them in an email. 

Loom makes editing easy, too. Users can automatically remove filler words, minimize background noise, and speed up videos. Did a team member make an embarrassing mistake while recording? No problem. They can use Live Rewind to pause and trim the recording, then pick up where they left off.

Companies can also leverage Loom's AI add-on for features like automatic title generation and video summaries. They can save time and money and automate more of their video production process.

Whether it's a presentation, demo, presentation, or product announcement, teams using Loom craft polished videos with a personal touch.


  • Easy POV video creation: Record screens and webcams simultaneously.

  • Loom HQ: Keep videos centralized and accessible in Loom’s hosting platform.

  • Share videos with the right people: Easily control privacy settings.

  • Publish anywhere: Share links to videos, embed them on a website, or include them in an email.

  • AI-powered automation: Automatically compose messages, add a CTA, generate titles and summaries, and more with Loom’s AI add-on.

  • Record on multiple devices: Create videos with Loom on Mac, PC, mobile devices, or in the Chrome extension.


  • Quickly record with low production costs.

  • Control who sees videos with privacy settings.

  • Engage with viewers using comments, emojis, and video replies. 


  • Loom’s free plan has limited videos. Users would need to upgrade to produce more.

  • Loom is not a tool for creating livestream videos.


Loom has a free plan. Upgrade to the business plan for $12.50 per month, billed annually. 

2. Biteable: A core video maker

Biteable home page
Biteable home page

Biteable offers video creation with simple and intuitive editing. The platform includes ready-made templates to stitch together the ideal video. Users type what they want in their video, like a caption or copy, and the app instantly inserts it. Biteable’s video editor also includes collaborative features, so teams can share and edit the video together.

While there is a recording feature in the app, Biteable primarily focuses on video editing. Teams can upload relevant files and graphics to create captivating content.

Key features:

  • Ready-to-go video templates: Don’t start from scratch. Use pre-built assets to create videos.

  • Collaboration: Work with your team to build video projects and add feedback.

  • Screen sharing: Share a screen while recording to communicate points to your audience or team.


  • Templates make video creation easier.

  • Efficiently produce content with the collaboration features.

  • Create many short videos and stitch them together. 


  • Biteable can be a costly option for teams compared to other platforms.

  • Users report poor customer service. 


Biteable is $99 per month for one publisher and $199 per month for three publishers.

3. iMovie: Long-form advanced video editing on iOS

Source: Apple store

The classic iOS app is excellent for Mac and iPhone users. iMovie offers state-of-the-art advanced editing features that professional video creators use every day. Easily edit lengthy videos, add text and subtitles, trim and stitch content, and more.


  • iOS integration: Easily incorporate other iOS apps like Apple Photos to upload files and create videos.

  • High-quality videos: Create and export 4k videos.

  • Titles and effects: Add titles, transitions, sound effects, and other creative elements to videos.


  • iOS users can use the app for free.

  • The iOS app smoothly integrates with other Mac-native or Mac-focused tools.

  • iMovie makes long-form video creation easily manageable.


  • The app’s advanced features might have a steep learning curve for some users. 

  • iMovie may be better for a longer feature video than everyday sales and marketing communication. 

  • Teams would need a high production budget to rely on iMovie-style videos.


iMovie is free on iOS. Still, teams should consider the high costs of purchasing and maintaining pricey Apple products.

4. Animoto: User-friendly visual effects

Animoto home page
Animoto home page

Easily incorporate files and graphics with Animoto. Teams can stitch together videos and present the final version on a website and marketing materials.

Users can easily drag and drop elements and leverage editing tools to create more visual effects. The platform provides great templates for marketing videos. Animoto also provides collaboration features.


  • Drag-and-drop editing: Easily build videos with Animoto’s user-friendly interface.

  • Video stitching: Create one video from many clips.

  • Templates: Jumpstart the video creation process with templates.


  • Easily add files and graphics to videos.

  • Record many clips and stitch them together for one effective video.

  • Benefit from user-friendly editing and convenient templates to make videos. 


  • Unfortunately, users cannot use the free or basic plan to record their screen and webcam. 

  • For better features, a team would have to upgrade to the higher tier, which costs $29 per month. The jump could be costly compared to other video creation platforms.


The app starts with a limited free version. If users want screen and webcam recordings and team features, they can upgrade to paid plans like the Teams package for $79 per month for up to three users.

5. Artlist: Videos with a musical element

Artlist home page
Artlist home page

Creative teams use Artlist to find music made by creators worldwide. Subscribed members receive a license to use the music in their videos, adding more flair to their content. It's a great way to affordably leverage a generous music catalog. Need an instrumental track? Want a rap song or an indie folk song? Artlist has it.


  • Licensed music: Access a large trove of creative music for videos.

  • Multiple genres: Choose between a diverse selection of music and styles.

  • Download the music: Export tracks and add the files directly to a video creation app.


  • Find the right music for videos with permissions. 

  • Get access to many different artists, styles, and options for videos.

  • The platform is user-friendly, like navigating Apple Music or Spotify. 


  • Artlist is an excellent solution for music and a great addition to a marketing stack, but it does not meet all video creation needs.

  • The music on Artlist won’t include many well-known tracks.


The Everything package is $39.99 per month, billed annually. 

6. Canva: Quick videos for Canva users

Canva home page
Canva home page

If a team already uses Canva, its video creation features are worth trying. Canva’s drag-and-drop video editing functionality is similar to the rest of the platform.

Canva gives brands all the core video editing software tools, such as working on videos by frames and filters, and adjusting times and speed.


  • Video editing: Easily upload files and edit them frame-by-frame.

  • Illustrations and graphics: Use the Canva app to incorporate templates and elements within videos.

  • GIF maker: Convert videos to GIFs to create branded memes and easily shareable media.


  • Teams already using Canva can take advantage of the video creation features.

  • Canva’s collaboration features make it easy to adjust and co-edit videos.

  • Teams can edit videos frame-by-frame.


  • Canva does not record videos, so it's primarily for editing content. 

  • While the platform includes core video editing tools and features, it won't offer more advanced video editing capabilities.


Canva’s Teams package is $119 per year per person. 

7. Typeframes: Text-based video generation

Typeframes home page

The Typeframes video generating tool automatically produces a text-based video based on a prompt. Type in the words, and it adds the timing, editing, and graphics needed to produce a gripping piece of video content. Teams can generate a video in seconds, then post it on their website or use it for an ad.


  • Text-based video generation: Type in a message and click enter for an automatic video.

  • Video customization: Once users generate a video, they can edit and personalize the final version.

  • Social media compatibility: The app makes videos in social-media-friendly formats, including vertical videos.


  • Teams can create a text-based product marketing video within seconds.

  • Companies can use AI and prompts to further develop videos.


  • The platform doesn’t have many other use cases.

  • The cost can add up if teams don’t use the subscription on a routine basis. 


The Growth package starts at $49 per month. 

8. Vimeo: Video creation and hosting

Source: Vimeo home page

Vimeo is a handy video creation and hosting tool. It's easy to record and publish 4K, high-quality videos to embed or share wherever necessary.

Vimeo is known for its video hosting capabilities. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo doesn't require ads, and it offers higher-quality videos.

Marketing teams can share videos on Vimeo. The experience is much like traditional social media, where viewers can find brands on the platform. Once teams edit their videos, they can publish the videos on their website or other online resources through an embed or link.


  • Screen sharing: Record screens and share messages, products, or POV experiences.

  • Video hosting: Build a library of content all in one place.

  • High-quality video: Record and publish videos up to 4K Ultra HD.


  • Vimeo gives teams the ability to publish high-quality, high-resolution videos.

  • Companies can use Vimeo for video hosting.

  • Brands don’t have to worry about ads like similar platforms, such as YouTube.


  • While Vimeo offers core recording and hosting needs, it might not provide all the necessary features.

  • The tool was initially a video publishing and hosting platform, and it is still evolving for more video content creation tools and capabilities.


Vimeo starts with a limited free plan. Paid tiers start at $20 per month per user.

9. PowToon: Animated videos

PowToon home page
PowToon home page

PowToon is an excellent platform for creating animated videos and illustrations. Teams can include animations, graphics, and designs to create fun, interactive videos.

The platform is great for storytelling and sparking the imagination. It's also effective when illustrating an educational topic or a valuable use case.


  • Animated visuals: Create videos with illustrations, avatars, and captivating elements.

  • Unlimited template add-on: With the Professional upgrade, users access unlimited templates and content.

  • Integrations: Connect with social media platforms, CRMs, and other necessary tools for video creation, management, and analytics.


  • Add cartoons and fun animations to videos.

  • Easily incorporate creativity through expansive storytelling and illustration options.


  • While PowToon is great for adding fun designs and cartoons, it might not be the most well-rounded video solution for all video needs.

  • The app sometimes has bugs and features that haven’t worked properly


The Lite plan starts at $50 per month, or $15 per month when paid annually.

10. FlexClip: AI-generated videos

FlexClip home page
FlexClip home page

FlexClip’s automated video solution includes AI video generation, templates, and AI scripts. Users can upload files and designs and generate new content to create videos.

The platform allows teams to easily edit their videos and create the perfect content. It has innovative features, including motion graphics, picture-in-picture, and music.


  • Quick templates: Start with a foundation with FlexClips library of templates.

  • AI generation: Automatically produce videos and scripts.

  • Diverse visual effects: Add picture-in-picture video, motion graphics, music, and more.


  • Leverage AI for video creation.

  • Benefit from user-friendly editing.

  • Incorporate visuals, motion graphics, and music.


  • While the platform has diverse features to create artistic videos, it may require a learning curve. 

  • Some users have complained about video export and sharing issues.


FlexClip is $19.99 per month, or $9.99 per month when billed annually.

11. Motion Array: B-roll footage

Motion Array home page
Motion Array home page

Sometimes, a brand has great product footage and a solid voice-over, but they need B-roll—some cinematic footage that helps illustrate a point. Picture a businesswoman sitting in a taxi on the phone while the narrator talks about increasing sales, or a happy guy walking with his dog on the beach while a narrator describes customer peace of mind.

Motion Array provides stock videos that teams can stitch into their presentations. With a subscription, brands get licensed to use these video clips anywhere and better illustrate their content.

While Motion Array may not provide everything a company needs in a video creation tool, it can offer a diverse library of high-quality videos to upgrade video production.


  • B-roll selection: Find footage to complement videos for B-roll.

  • Licensed permission: Publish stock videos with full permissions, all included in the subscription.

  • Fast export: Download B-roll footage easily to upload into a video creation platform.


  • There is a large selection of footage to choose from.

  • Brands have a license to use the footage.

  • Companies can provide a more illustrative video experience for audiences.


  • The platform is for licensed B-roll footage, not primary video creation or editing needs.


Motion Array starts at $19.99, billed annually.

12. Renderforest: An additional animation video option

RenderForest home page
RenderForest home page

Renderforest is another creative video solution teams can use to communicate using animations, graphics, designs, and other creative elements.

The platform is popular for explainer videos and creatively connecting with audiences. It also includes design features, as it aims to be an all-in-one design platform.


  • 1 million+ templates: Choose from a vast library of elements and templates.

  • Stock footage: Leverage thousands of stock photos, music, and footage.

  • Text-to-speech: Write down a message, then create an animation and video to communicate to viewers. 


  • Easily add animations to videos.

  • Utilize over a million templates.

  • The platform is great for explainer videos.


  • While the platform offers innovative ways to make videos and design, it may require a learning curve for a diverse team with different skill sets. 

  • Renderforest primarily focuses on designing and editing videos rather than personal video recordings.


The Lite plan starts at $14.99 per month.

Deciding on a video creation tool

There are numerous fancy and exciting tools on the market, but when it comes down to it, the right tools are scalable and produce positive results.

The right video content creation software tool should help your team create quality videos and easily motivate your audience to take action, maximizing ROI.

Consider these factors to select a video creation tool that streamlines your workflow:

1. Ease of use

There should be little to no learning curve, and everyone should be able to record. That means a new team member can record an idea to present to their department. Or, a salesperson can record a video and send it to a prospect in less than five minutes.

2. Demonstrating value

Videos should present the value of a product and why it's the best choice for the target audience. 

Speaking in front of a camera or using an animation can be effective. But is it really presenting the product or service in the best light?

When your team can showcase the actual product in a presentation or via walkthroughs on a screen, they bring the face-to-face experience to their audience. 

3. Engagement and collaboration features

Finally, a video creation tool should offer collaboration features that drive engagement with teams and audiences. 

Engagement lets your teams exchange feedback and work together for better videos. Collaboration also continues the conversation with your audience to consistently nurture customer relationships.

Connect and collaborate easily through video

Loom marketing campaign
Loom helps marketing teams scale efficiently with its content- and collaboration-friendly recording software.

All the tools in this shortlist have great features and introduce possibilities for team alignment, collaboration, and effective campaigns. But like most processes, simplifying and consolidating tools in your company stack boosts efficiency.

Loom is the premium asynchronous experience that gives your team everything they need to show value, engage with customers, and close deals.

Recording a user and their screen simultaneously with Loom is perfect for walking through a product, demonstrating use cases, sending videos to prospects, and delivering presentations. It’s also great internally for creating training videos and curating onboarding resources in Loom HQ. The possibilities are endless. 

Build an immersive and interactive solution for all with Loom’s AI add-on, its collaboration features, and viewer engagement options like time-stamped comments and video replies.


May 1, 2024

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