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The 9 Best Vimeo Alternatives on the Market in 2024

Vimeo is a robust, video hosting and sharing tool that helps sales teams, educators, and creatives share ideas and information, including through screen recording. Although Vimeo is a recognizable name in the industry, is it the best option for you? It depends on how you intend to use it.

To help you research your options when selecting a video hosting, sharing, or screen recording app, we’ve compiled this list of the best Vimeo alternatives to consider. This article gives you a quick overview of use cases, features, and pricing to help you make a fair and accurate comparison of your options. 

First, what is Vimeo and who is it for? Let’s take a closer look. 

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a video platform with solutions for making, managing, and sharing videos without the need for video creation experience. For example, it offers a library of millions of stock assets and commercially-licensed music to enable users to whip up videos in minutes. These videos can then be hosted on Vimeo’s scalable, secure, ad-free platform. 

Additionally, Vimeo offers screen recording functionality for various users and applications such as education, marketing, and creative production. Besides standard video capture features, it has advanced features geared toward live streaming video, event presentations, and webinars. These have become more popular in the wake of COVID-19, with an estimated 45% of events going virtual post-pandemic.  

Vimeo users, which consist of freelancers, small businesses, mid-market companies, and some larger enterprises, appreciate the platform for features like access controls, attendee management, and its API. However, it doesn’t offer some key features such as video annotation, activity tracking, messaging, communication management, and mobile access. How do other alternatives on the market compare? 

Comparing the top Vimeo alternatives

There are various platforms similar to Vimeo with comparable features and at varying price points to meet your needs. For instance, if you’re looking for screen recording and editing functionality without needing a virtual video hosting platform and enterprise video marketing features, there are several options. As one of the first cloud-based screen recording apps, Loom and other alternatives offer many of the same features as Vimeo. 

When evaluating similar tools, check out these eight great Vimeo alternatives as part of your selection process:  

  • Loom

  • Streamable

  • Wistia

  • Brightcove

  • Kaltura

  • Hippo Video

  • BombBomb

  • Screencastify



Loom is one of the first cloud-based screen recording tools on the market. It continues to lead the pack with the most free-tier features and a competitive suite of expanded functionality. It’s also incredibly easy to use. If you’re like the 18% of marketers and content creators who want to create more consistent video but don’t know where to start, Loom is an excellent option. 

The platform focuses on providing the best user experience for recording engaging videos and sharing them easily. The ad-free, robust entry-level tier makes it easy to try the platform and get a sense of its capabilities. It offers cloud storage for video content, editing tools, and enhanced collaboration and annotation features.

Use cases

Loom helps employees, sales professionals, and teams communicate better and faster. With Loom, you can coordinate asynchronously, empower customer support to meet customer expectations and needs, improve customer success metrics, and give and receive feedback quickly and easily. The communication and collaboration features in Loom make it easier for anyone to share ideas and make informed decisions together.


  • Free service tier: Loom offers the most features of any free tool on this tier, with plenty of room to expand for larger and enterprise-sized teams.

  • High-definition video: Record in the resolution you need, from 720p to 4K.

  • Screen recording: Capture video and audio with your desktop, webcam, and mic simultaneously.

  • Multi-device support: Loom is available on the web, on desktop, and on iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • Pro editing tools: User-friendly editing features allow users to create video, edit out filler noises and silences, annotate and highlight important screen content, and add a touch of fun with video enhancements like emojis, backgrounds, and confetti bursts.

  • Transcriptions: Every video has free unlimited transcriptions for easy accessibility.

  • Collaboration: Recipients can easily react to Loom video and respond with their own recordings.

  • AI enhancements: Let technology make production easier with automated transcription, titles, summaries, chapters, message composing and more. 


  • Free: No credit card required access to up to 25 stored videos per person at 5 minutes each, screen recording, viewer insights, unlimited transcription, and privacy controls. There is no limit on playback or viewers.

  • Business: For $12.50 per user/month (billed annually), access unlimited video storage and length, Loom AI (for an add-on of $4 per user/month), white label branding, and the ability to embed links in video.  

  • Enterprise: This custom option offers all the features of Loom, plus SSO support, advanced privacy, custom data retention, and Salesforce integration.


Streamable is the fastest way to upload, share, and embed videos online. It helps creators and video professionals ensure their video content looks high quality no matter where it’s hosted on the web. Known for its speed and simplicity, Streamable’s main features focus on embedding, clipping, privacy, and basic editing and analytics.


  • No ads. Videos hosted on Streamable don’t show ads on your videos.

  • Unlimited video uploads. Streamable doesn’t limit the number of videos you can upload to the platform. 

  • Ultra 4k high-definition videos. Upload videos and retain maximum high-resolution quality from 720p to 4k and beyond.

  • Embedding. Embed videos in any website with options to loop, autoplay, mute, and hide controls.

  • Labels and playlists. Organize video content using folders, and share multiple videos with a customizable page and a simple link.

  • Privacy. Keep your videos secure with advanced privacy controls, including domain restriction, password protection, and allowing downloading and sharing.

  • Editing. With Streamable, you can do basic video editing; you can clip, crop, trim, merge, rotate, and remove audio from your videos.


  • No account required. You can upload a video to Streamable and create video clips from a URL without creating an account (no email required). These video files are deleted after 3 days.

  • Free. A free account will host your videos for 90 days. You still get an unlimited number of uploads, but video length is limited to 10 minutes and size is limited to 250 MB.

  • Basic. For $8.99 per month, no size or length limits, 500 GB cloud storage, stream in 4k UltraHD, and password protection.

  • Pro. For $14.99 per month, you get everything in Basic but with 1 TB cloud storage, 2 TB bandwidth, and video security for your domain.

  • Business. For $39 per month, you get everything in the Pro plan but with 2 TB cloud storage, 3 TB video bandwidth, and priority support.

  • Custom. Streamable offers an Enterprise plan that gives you custom bandwidth pricing, high-volume storage, reporting, and more.


This video management and hosting tool helps marketing professionals create, share, and store videos for lead generation and webinar presentations. The app allows users to host videos, create live presentations from a laptop or desktop, then edit and create clips from the larger presentation for more content generation. Its main features focus on security and fast access to content to improve outreach and funnel performance. 


  • Customization: UI elements like controls and presentation settings are customizable for more cohesive branding.

  • Video SEO: Incorporate SEO elements into videos to help content rank for search engines. 

  • No-code video replacement: Swap out an updated video without changing URLs or embed code on websites or social media. 

  • Screen and webcam recording: Create videos with polish and personalization with screen capture and direct-to-camera recording features.

  • Editing: Use basic and advanced editing tools within the platform to clean up content and add enhancements like music, transitions, and more. 

  • CTAs: Offer basic or customizable calls to action to direct viewer behavior and drive conversion.


  • Free: The free tier offers 10 media pieces and basic analytics features, along with some integrations and computer-generated transcriptions. 

  • Plus: For $19 per month, create up to 20 content pieces with an archival limit of 100 content pieces, email integration capabilities, optional human-generated transcriptions and captions, live view streaming, and support up to three users. 

  • Pro: For $79 per month, up to five users can access live chat and priority support, onboarding specialists, advanced analytics, and create up to 50 media pieces (plus archive up to 500). 

  • Advanced: For $319 per month, 20 users can create up to 250 pieces (and archive up to 2500), access marketing and advertising integrations, and provide live streaming for up to two hours for 500 participants with audience and backstage chat features.

  • Premium: This custom-priced plan offers unlimited users access to create up to 1,000 media content, with up to 5,000 archived media pieces. Live streams can be up to four hours and 2500 participants.


Brightcove offers live streaming services to help marketers stream, centralize, and monetize their video content. The platform offers features like marketing and communications studio modules, audience insights and analytics, ad monetization, and other features to increase revenue from video content. 


  • Video cloud: Brightcove offers an all-in-one hosting and publishing platform that lets users easily upload, manage, and publish video content. 

  • Gallery: The platform’s video delivery features enable customer interactive video experiences, branded content portals, video-focused landing pages, and live streams. 

  • Player: The Brightcove Player is a high-performance, HTML5 tool for high-quality video and sophisticated integrations with ad and analytics tools. 

  • Beacon: Brightcove Beacon allows marketers to configure a media streaming experience across multiple devices to deliver curated content, content monetization, all with a consistent user experience from any device. 

  • Live: Advanced livestreaming technology enables broadcast to both desktop and mobile devices. 

  • Campaign: This module allows marketers to connect video viewing analytics into the rest of their marketing tech stack for full video data visibility.


Brightcove does not publish its pricing for services. 


Kaltura’s Video Experience cloud offers a suite of tools for video content management, virtual event hosting, live communications, education resources, and developer tools. The platform uses generative AI to help improve video marketing by blending human creativity with technology assistance. 


  • Virtual classroom: The platform provides an online learning experience for teams, students, and other education-focused groups. 

  • Media services: Build immersive experiences with the help of media APIs.

  • Webinars: Create live and interactive presentations for education and sales purposes. 

  • Video portal: Create a centralized hub of content to streamline video production, management, delivery, and collaboration. 

  • Town hall feature: A one-to-many communication feature broadcast live to audiences. 


Kaltura takes a modular approach to pricing. For some features, you’ll need to contact sales for a customized quote. For modules like Virtual Classroom, Media Services, and Webinars, the company provides pricing on its website.  

Hippo Video

Hippo video helps sales professionals manage their video communications from first contact to post-close process. The platform helps marketers work smarter and faster with video workflows, video-focused sales pages, AI-enhanced features, and video editing and customization features for polished, professional communication.

  • Script editing: Use AI-powered scripting to create compelling scripts for video content. 

  • Templates: Create sale pages, video flows, social media and web content from well-crafted templates to drive engagement and sales. 

  • Teleprompter: Always know what to say next with a scrolling script that sets the pace and keeps you centered in the presentation. 

  • Mobile ready: Work on video from any mobile device, phone, or tablet. 

  • Integrations: Connect your video production and management to tools like Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, and more. 


  • Free: This no-card-required base tier allows users to create two video flows, 10 minutes of closed captioning, five AI-edited videos, two sales page templates, and create up to 50 videos per month with basic editing and analytics. 

  • Pro: For $20 per user/month (annually), upgrade to five video flows, 30 minutes of closed captioning, 10 AI editor videos, five sales page templates, and unlimited videos. This tier also unlocks advanced editing, analytics, virtual backgrounds, Interactive CTAs, and customized branding. 

  • Teams: For $60 per user/month (annually), teams can collaborate with 15+ video flows, 200 mins of closed captioning, 50 videos with the AI editor, 15 sales page templates, Automated personalized videos, along with more robust integrations, advanced sales pages, team reporting, and folder tagging features. 

  • Enterprise: For $80 per user/month (annually) this tier offers unlimited video flows, closed captions, AI-edited videos, sales page templates, and 100 automated personalized videos. Enterprise also offers a Salesforce integration, 50 Humanize (virtual avatar) videos, and advanced sign-on and role-based access. 


The web-based tool BombBomb is another solid option for sales teams looking to engage prospects and close deals. It helps teams incorporate video into prospecting, lead generation, and post-close support. The platform doesn’t have a free plan, but offers the same two-week free trial as Loom and Vidyard so you can try before you buy. 


  • Unlimited storage: Save as many videos as you need to the cloud-based hosting in your account. 

  • Backgrounds: Create more appealing videos with virtual backgrounds and enhancements. 

  • Chrome-compatible: Record from the web using the extension for Google Chrome.

  • Animated previews: Automatically create a 3-second animated thumbnail for videos. 

  • View notifications: Learn who watches your content (and for how long) to inform future outreach.


BombBomb doesn’t have a free service tier. It offers two plans and a customizable enterprise option: 

  • Essentials: For $33 per user/month, get unlimited cam and screen recording, video length, storage, and custom branding. 

  • Plus: For $49 per user/month, add video insights, advanced interactions, automation features, and advanced editing.

  • Teams: Customized pricing for advanced admin controls, security and compliance features, CRM embedding, and single sign-on (SSO) support.  


For general video capture, editing, and inbound video submission, Screencastify is another top tool. It specializes in creating solutions for teachers to share video content with students and receive videos (such as homework submissions) back. This tool doesn’t offer a desktop option, but works through a web browser or a Chrome plugin for hardware-agnostic recording and submissions. Screencastify also features use cases for marketing, legal, engineering, and support communication. 


  • Editing: Screencastify offers a selection of editing tools to polish content before sharing or submission.

  • Chrome-compatible: Besides the web browser, users can access the platform via a Google Chrome browser extension.

  • Submissions: Teachers love this platform for assigning and collecting schoolwork. The first service tier allows one assignment at a time. Higher paid tiers allow unlimited assignments. 


Screencastify has three plans to choose from: 

  • Free: No credit card required for your first 10 videos, up to 30 mins each, and 10GB of cloud storage.

  • Starter: For $7 per user/month (billed annually) access unlimited video creation, length, and 25GB storage.

  • Pro: For $10 per user/month (billed annually), access 100GB of storage, unlimited assignments, and unlimited export length. 

The custom Teams option is for anyone who needs priority support, license management, and expanded reporting. is an editing-forward video platform that helps creatives build better content. While it offers screen recording features, this is not the main focus of the product. VEED offers many options for content creators to produce better video, add enhancements and automated text features, and produce more content faster with templates and graphic design resources. 


  • Auto-generation: Create subtitles, captions, and more with automatic generation and formatting features. 

  • Stock content: Create more content with access to stock libraries and music for videos. 

  • Editing: Clean up your video with backgrounds, silence and noise reduction, and filters for a polished look.

Pricing offers four service tiers: 

  • Free: No credit card required. Create or upload videos with a 1GB storage limit and subtitling for up to 30 mins of content per month. 

  • Basic: For $18 per user/month (billed annually) access watermark-free, 1080p videos, with exports up to 25 mins. 

  • Pro: For $30 per user/month (billed annually), add stock audio and video libraries, 1,440 min/year in subtitling, and translation for over 50 languages. 

  • Business: For $59 per user/month (billed annually), offer your team 8,000 mins/year of subtitles, AI avatars for up to 240 mins/year, and customizable templates. 

Enterprise pricing is also available for custom features, plus account and video management. 

What makes Loom the best free screen recording app?

Of the many options on the market, Loom combines an impressive array of free features with next-level content creation and editing functionality to help you create professional videos quickly and easily. It has competitive pricing relative to value, and many next-level features such as auto-titles and summaries generated by AI, enterprise-class security, fun video enhancements, direct collaboration features, and a full suite of editing and analytics tools to fine-tune your content and understand how it performs.


Feb 6, 2024

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