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Async Your Agile Workflow

Whether you work in an office, work remotely, or a combination of the two, here's how you can adapt your Agile process to any modern work setup — from brainstorm to retro.

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Workflow of Gantt-like chartBouncing balls fall onto staggered blocks with Loom bubbles of faces that start talking when the balls touch them, signifying asynchronous work.

Revered by teams across the globe, The Agile Methodology prioritizes face-to-face communication to move work forward. But in a hybrid environment, meeting with your teammates isn't so simple — especially if they're spread across different time zones.

As a globally distributed team that (unsurprisingly) runs on asynchronous communication, we've learned a few ways to not only replace synchronous, face-to-face conversations, but to make workflows that have traditionally been built around this type of communication even more efficient and productive.

We've put together some of the top takeaways from our latest eBook, The Hybrid-Remote Playbook: Adapting Your Agile Process to Asynchronous Communication, in a bite-sized, interactive format so you can stick to your Agile workflow no matter where or when you and your team work.

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