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How Postclick Forged a Powerful One-Team Culture Using Loom

  • 20%

    jump in design team’s productivity

  • $1000s

    of additional value delivered on every design sprint

  • Use Case

    Product Design

  • Industry

    Product Agency

  • Company

    200 employees distributed across 12 countries


Postclick, a global leader in digital advertising, was looking for a video messaging platform that would reach more clients and ensure communication across globally distributed teams. With over 60% company-wide adoption of Loom within the first month, they increased their outreach and engagement rates, found new ways to communicate with decision-makers, and remain connected across teams.

Loom creates an ongoing visual and audible experience across our business and enables our employees to feel part of a unified culture and company.
Tyson Quick

Tyson QuickCEO, Postclick


  • Find an easy-to-use video messaging platform to enhance communication and performance.
  • Solve inefficiencies across Sales, Customer Support and Success, and internal communication.
  • Decrease the siloing of teams, which put the company’s hard-fought culture under threat.

Understandably, Tyson was eager to find a video messaging platform that could deliver the efficiency in communication that his high-tech, high-growth business was lacking.

That’s when he discovered Loom.


  • Improve prospecting and add a human touch across the sales cycle.
  • Create customer support videos that are easier to absorb than a wall of text and enable Customer Success to build rapport with clients without having to rely on phone calls.
  • Encourage sharing of news, updates, and ideas across teams.

When Tyson used Loom for the first time, he knew he’d found the right platform to deliver effective and personal communication company-wide:

“Straight away, I loved the easy little face bubble, which was so personable. And then the second you were done recording, the video was ready to share,” he says.

Tyson wanted to maximize adoption company-wide as quickly as possible, so he rolled out a monetized incentive scheme, where the heaviest Loom users across the month got cash rewards.

Encouraged by the incentive, a large majority of employees immediately began creating video content. It was a welcome leap in engagement that provided the Leadership team with powerful business data. They were able to see who was involved in creating videos and engaging in the company culture, giving extra insight into who they might invest more time in or promote.

The success of the incentive, combined with Loom’s ease of use, simultaneously led to every corner of the business embracing it. Of all the ways Loom was being used, Tyson highlights four use cases that immediately drove efficiency and performance improvements:

  1. Supporting the sales cycle — Sales Development Reps immediately started recording videos to improve their sales prospecting, including personalized introductions, product demos, answers to questions, and feature clarifications, enabling a more effective way to start conversations and maintain a human touch throughout the sales cycle.
  2. Making customer support more human — When customers needed a walk-through of technical instructions or help with a complex subject, the team shot a Loom video to explain the details, which was a much easier, more human way to communicate than an emailed wall of text.
  3. Improving customers’ success — Postclick’s Customer Success team was always looking for new ways to grow accounts and nurture relationships with decision-makers, and Loom gave them that advantage. Postclick’s team could share results, updates, how-to videos, and details of new features in short, easy to digest videos, which built trust and rapport with clients without them needing to jump on a call or attend a meeting.
  4. Transforming internal communication — Where individual teams had become siloed, Loom helped re-establish a one-team culture. Marketing colleagues shared videos of successful campaigns, the Leadership team delivered company updates into everyone’s inboxes, and Engineers shared cool, new product developments. This cross-functional sharing of news, updates, and ideas brought visibility into more of the day-to-day happenings in the business.


  • 60% adoption of Loom company-wide within a month.
  • 50% fewer meetings.
  • Increased outreach engagement and reply rates.
  • A more inspired and unified team.

With across-the-board adoption of Loom, Postclick’s communication, efficiency, and performance have been transformed.

Thanks to Postclick’s clever incentive, 60% of employees across every department and global office adopted Loom within a month, and that number continues to grow.

On the Sales side of the business, Loom videos have reduced the back-and-forth of emails in the sales cycle, decreased the number of calls reps and prospects need to make, and slashed meeting time almost in half. And because outreach is more personal, the team is seeing increased open rates and engagement.

“Prospects respond well to the human element of Loom. They get to hear a real person communicating with them, but they’re not obliged to pick up the phone, which is very powerful,” says Tyson.

Across Customer Support and Success, results are equally positive. Loom videos have helped improve customer satisfaction scores and build better rapport with the influential client executives who can make or break contracts.

Internally, Loom’s introduction has made a profound difference, too, improving efficiency, lifting morale, and ensuring the company’s culture remains alive and well. “Both internally across functions and externally with prospects and clients, we’ve seen an improvement in relationships,” says Tyson. “Our people are more informed and engaged thanks to an efficient and expressive Loom platform that enables them to get even more work done.”

With Loom, Postclick has found a more agile, aligned, and effective way of doing business.