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Give thoughtful project feedback with async video

Record quick videos of your screen and cam. An essential tool for delivering project feedback to distributed teams.

What is ‘async’ project feedback?

Async (or asynchronous) project feedback are quick video recordings outlining comments or suggestions about an initiative.

When to record an async work presentation:

  • The feedback is nuanced and a recording would provide better context than writing it out
  • Your team is working across multiple time zones and it’s difficult to schedule a live meeting
  • You want to provide detailed instructions that can be rewatched

How we practice async project feedback at Loom

Feedback at Loom happens all the time, across every project, campaign, and task that is worked on.

Here are the most common ways Loom is being used to deliver feedback at work:

  • Record quick videos summarizing comments on a project document
  • Provide design feedback on product wireframes or marketing assets
  • Conduct a code review among a remote engineering team
  • Create a video response to freelancer or external vendor questions

The benefits of delivering project feedback with Loom

It accelerates feedback loops
Scheduling a live meeting across time zones is difficult. With Loom, async project feedback can be delivered anywhere at anytime.

Receive more thoughtful responses
Providing detailed feedback in live meetings can be difficult. Using Loom to record feedback gives you more time to review a project and respond with your thoughts.

It’s more expressive
Recording project feedback adds tone and nuance in a way text-only comments can’t. Go further with Loom - draw your ideas on screen and share additional docs for context.

Giving Feedback with Loom

In the workplace, feedback has historically been limited to either in-person interactions or virtually over email, Slack, or Zoom calls.

The shift to remote work has made giving feedback more difficult. No one wants to get a long email or surprised with a slack message from their boss.

Now there's a better way. Giving feedback with Loom is easy. You can record yourself and your screen to give feedback that accurately conveys your context and tone of voice through a video message.

  1. Sign up for Loom. Download either our Desktop app or Chrome extension.
  2. Start recording your screen. Press record and start talking.
  3. Be visual. Share your screen as a visual reference. You can even draw on your screen to emphasize a point.
  4. Share. Easily share your Loom with a link that anyone can watch on their own time.

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