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Loom: Free iPhone Screen Recorder

Loom’s iPhone screen recorder is your all-in-one solution for recording and sharing videos on the go.

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Why people choose Loom's iPhone screen recorder

  • Capture clear recordings of your camera, screen, or audio.
  • Share your videos easily with instantly-generated links.
  • Save recorded videos to your camera roll and Loom Library.
  • Foster conversation with comments and emoji reactions.
  • Manage, share, and view your Loom videos across devices.

More than 25 million people across 400,000 companies choose Loom

Stay in the loop wherever you are

Use Loom’s iOS app to record, watch, and react to videos anywhere.

Share clear feedback with a personal touch and explain complex concepts easily with video. Just tap the Loom icon to record your camera or screen.

Viewers can continue the conversation with time-stamped comments and emoji reactions. Loom helped 20 million people collaborate virtually in 2023. If your audience has a question, they can even post a Loom in reply.

Share instantly, no waiting

Done recording? Your video is instantly ready to share.

When you’re ready, tap “Copy link” to paste your Loom into a message or share your video directly via iOS apps like Slack and iMessage. You can also save your Loom to your Photos.

No need to wait for videos to render, process, or buffer. In 2023, Loom recordings replaced 150 million meetings, reducing Zoom fatigue, sharing important information with clear context, and giving teams more focus time.

Keep tabs on conversations async

Stay on top of async conversations with teammates and clients. Loom notifies you when someone watches your video, leaves a comment, or reacts with an emoji so you can respond when you have a free moment.

Async video helps you and your coworkers maintain valuable focus time while still conveying critical messages. In 2023, 77 million Loom recordings replaced almost twice the amount of meetings, highlighting the effectiveness of async video communication.

Video hosting simplified

Loom is more than an iOS Screen Recorder. You can also use Loom as a video hosting solution. Using Loom HQ you can upload recordings of Zoom meetings and more to build a content hub for your team.

Use Loom’s video tags and video folders to keep your videos organized and make sure your teammates can easily find what they’re looking for. Categorizing and tagging content helps companies capture and organize the foundational knowledge they need to help other teammates get started, or level up their skills.

Get to know Loom’s free screen recorder for iPhone

How can I record my iPhone screen on Loom?
  1. Signup for Loom.
  2. Download the Loom iOS App.
  3. Record your entire iPhone or iPad screen, or record with your front-facing or back-facing camera.
  4. Once finished, Loom instantly generates a link for you to share. No more uploading or waiting for a video to render!
What happens when my team or I hit my 25 video limit on the Starter plan?

Our free Starter plan has a limit of 25 videos per member. To record more than 25 videos, you'll need to upgrade to a Business plan.

If you want to stay in the same Workspace as your team and upgrade, you can move your entire team to a Business Workspace without paying for everyone. For example, you can choose to be a Creator with unlimited videos and invite the rest of your team as Creator Lite members for free.

Can I start a free trial of paid plans?

Yes, you can try our Business plan free for 14 days. If you would like a free 14-day trial of our Enterprise plan please contact sales.

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