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Record A Presentation For Work With Loom

Elevate your work presentation with async video. Loom is an easy, free tool for recording and sharing PowerPoint, Google Slide, or any other presentation.

What is an ‘async’ presentation?

Async (or asynchronous) presentations are video recordings that walk through a Powerpoint, Google Slide, or deck without a live meeting.

When to record an async work presentation:

  • When a team is distributed and working across multiple time zones
  • Provide context ahead of a live meeting with an async presentation
  • Create a personalized pitch presentation for potential clients
  • Record a project kick-off presentation that stakeholders can rewatch

The benefits of recording async presentations with Loom

Recording presentations is helpful because using precious meeting time to give an update is honestly a waste of time.

At Loom we pre-record presentations and send a short loom out ahead of time to let attendees watch on their own time.

Then in the meeting we can discuss the presentation and spend more time coming to a solution instead of reading the news.

  • Make meetings more productive

    Use Loom to share context pre-meeting so everyone can dive straight into discussion.

  • Share anywhere

    Send Loom videos in Slack, email, or easily embed across the web.

  • Track engagement

    Know when your video is watched, for how long, and if it’s shared.

  • Surface the next step

    Include customizable call-to-action buttons that link to docs, your calendar, or additional resources.

Why should you record your presentation?

We believe that synchronous time is precious so we empower Loommates to have bursty communication, which is a system for ideas to be communicated and responded to quickly and efficiently.

  • To do this we send pre-watch Looms ahead of each meeting. These Looms often take the form of recorded presentations to communicate information and knowledge.
  • By sending a presentation recording ahead of a meeting it allows our sync time to shift towards actions, follow ups, and next steps, rather than wasting time with a data read out.
  • Think of an idea like a ball. That idea gets developed the more the ball is passed around, and not from it sitting with one person for too long.
  • There's a time and a place for both synchronous and asynchronous communication, but we believe sync time is best spent passing the ball around as much as possible.
  1. Sign up for Loom. Download either our Desktop app or Chrome extension.
  2. Start recording your screen. Press record and start talking.
  3. Give your presentation. Share your screen as a visual reference. You can even draw on your screen to emphasize a point.
  4. Share your screen as a visual reference. You can even draw on your screen to emphasize a point.

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