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Building Resilient Workplaces

Steps To Futureproof Your Organization

  • 75%

    of global employers reported having difficulty finding the talent they need

  • 54%

    of workers say they’d leave their current job for one that provides more flexibility


The 21st century has been rife with disruptions: From COVID-19 and tight labor markets to skyrocketing inflation, ever-accelerating digitization, and beyond. While it’s impossible to predict what the coming years will bring, it’s a safe bet they’ll demand new forms of organizational, economic and societal resilience.

This Loom playbook will examine how to futureproof your organization by fostering overall workplace resiliency––even in times of volatility or uncertainty. Drawing from insights from our partners at Oyster, HubSpot, Crunchyroll and GitLab, we’ll explore collaboration and knowledge-sharing strategies that can help organizations better meet the needs of 21st-century knowledge workers. These aren’t ideas that will work only in remote or hybrid companies, but guidelines that can help any organization become more resilient to external factors.

You’ll Walk Away With

  • The most common barriers to building a resilient workplace and how to overcome them
  • Top ways employers can use technology to improve their organizational productivity and efficiency
  • Effective change management solutions for the modern workplace
Building Resilient Workplaces: Steps To Futureproof Your Organization
People progress through different seasons, not only of life but also of their careers. In the old world, you were asked to squeeze into the same mold throughout every season. Today, there’s more room for variety and diversity.

Darren MurphHead of Remote, GitLab