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Loom Terms & Policies


What does OpenAI do with my data when I use Loom AI?

OpenAI does not receive any transcript data when Loom AI is not being used. OpenAI only receives transcript data as text files in order to generate titles and summaries and OpenAI does not receive full videos or audio. According to OpenAI’s Usage Policy, OpenAI only retains the transcript data for a maximum of 30 days. Additional information around our use of OpenAI can be found at

Is my data being used to train artificial intelligence models?

Loom does not use and does not permit others to use Customer Data to train the artificial intelligence models used to provide Loom AI.

Does Loom have an agreement in place with OpenAI?

All of our third-party sub-processors, including OpenAI, are subject to appropriate agreements with Loom designed to secure and protect the confidentiality of data. We only send data to trusted third-party systems that are subject to strict privacy and security controls.