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Get video messaging with Loom

Get 30% off of your first year of Loom Business with coupon code Slack30*. Get unlimited video recordings + recording length, and features like transcription and engagement insights!

#team-support slack channel with message from Tamira, "Hi Soraya, sending a text loom for a custerom" with an embedded loom.

Use Loom to show it, say it, send it

Record quick videos of your screen and cam to explain anything at work.

  • Record internal presentations
  • Give feedback to your team or vendors
  • Share team status updates
  • Create personalized sales outreach
  • Run your recruiting asynchronously
Loom showing presentation of market trends with emoji reactions

What Customers are Saying

Aaron Arphaxad

I found loom to be very effective when reaching out to potential clients/employers. Record a short video with @loom telling them about yourself and the current projects you're working on.

Brian Portnoy


Having gotten down the basics of using @loom, I'm finding it a very useful tool for creative collaboration with both teammates and our external vendors. Going to keep exploring what more I can do with this.... 🚀🚀🚀

Amrita Gurney


A 2-minute @loom video can often save you a 30 minute meeting. Just saying.

More than 21 million people across 200,000 companies choose Loom

Slack and Loom: Better Together

Enhance your Slack conversations with context-rich video messages.

Need to add clarity, context, or nuance to a Slack thread while avoiding yet another meeting? Use Loom to record quick async videos directly from Slack and get your message across.

Loom showing presentation of market trends with emoji reactions

Record, preview, and share Looms in Slack.

Start a Loom recording directly in Slack by using the /loom command.

Explain your thinking, feedback, or idea by recording yourself and your screen.

Slack embed with option to record loom with /record shortcut

Play any Loom in Slack.

Embed a Loom in Slack by pasting it in a message so your team can watch it in context.

You can watch Loom videos in public or private channels, and DMs.

Slack channel with embedded Loom for a product walk through for a client

Stay on top of Loom notifications in Slack.

Get a Slack notification when your team views, reacts, comments, or replies to a Loom.

Keep Loom and Slack conversations in one place.

Loom app with notifiation around new comment for a loom

Save 30% on your first year of Loom Business*

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