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Record Once with Loom: 3 Tips for No More Deleted Recordings

Become an expert editor with Loom - No editing skills required!

Have you ever started recording a Loom and gotten 5 minutes in, with a flawless performance and BAM, you lose your train of thought or get tongue tied? Then you reluctantly think, “Can I save this? Can I edit afterwards?”, but the pause has gone too long and you end up ditching the recording and restarting completely? We know it can feel intimidating to record a loom — even though a few mistakes or umms are totally human! — and it can be frustrating to re-record until you get it right.

Don't worry, now you can skip the stage-fright and make your first take your best take with Loom's new editing features. Loom is excited to release features designed to tackle the dreaded re-recording and help anyone become confident in recording their Looms in one take.

3 strategies to effortlessly record in one take

1. Don’t restart, just rewind! 

When you think about recording with confidence, it might mean something differently for everybody. We want you to know we have your back from the moment you start recording, until you share your finished Loom with your desired audience. So what do we mean by the moment you start recording?

We all know the typical functionality, pause, re-start, and stop, but we are thrilled to add another button to your toolbar: the rewind button. Press rewind to pause your video and gain the ability to play back, edit, and pick right where you left off without needing to restart your Loom. It’s that simple. Never worry about stumbling over your words mid-recording or wasting time with retakes. With Live Rewind, it's like having a magic eraser for your recordings.

"I absolutely love Loom and all of the new features. The way you can rewind, I mean I can't say enough about Loom." - Monika Schindler, CEO, Housekeeping Made Easy

2. Fine-tune your video like you’re editing a doc

Having covered the type of editing you can do before your Loom finishes recording, let's look at what you can do after recording to continue fine tuning your video. 

Perhaps you created a video for your teammate earlier in the week, but then realized it could be helpful as an evergreen video. With Edit by Transcript, that’s an easy fix. Simply edit your video by using the transcript to remove the part where you mention them by name. It’s as easy as highlighting the name and pressing “delete” to edit it from the transcript AND your video simultaneously. Now you have an evergreen video that you can share with multiple colleagues or save your team Loom account for others to benefit from. 

"Editing video by transcript is MIND-BLOWINGLY easy! I love being able to visually see pauses or unnecessary words in the transcript, and editing them out couldn't be easier." - Heather Watterworth, Owner, Creative Worth

3. Let Loom AI do the heavy lifting

With the power of AI, we released a way to enhance your Loom videos even further. Our Auto Filler Word removal will automatically detect your “umms” “ahhhs” and awkward pauses to remove them from your Loom with zero effort on your part. Ensuring you have the highest quality Loom ready to go.

Now, you’ve recorded your Loom in one take using Live Rewind and fine tuned it with Edit by Transcript and AI filler word removal, now you want to make sure it gets to your intended audience. Sharing your recordings has never been easier thanks to our AI Auto Composer. Let our AI do the heavy lifting for you by automatically generating text for your Slack messages or emails - simply copy and paste the AI-generated text and you're good to go! But that’s not all, with the power of our AI suite, it will also generate your video title and Loom summary, getting you to the finish line even faster. No more manually typing out introductions and video overviews. 

"If you want an example of a company that's integrating AI to 10x the seamlessness of their product, just look at Loom" - Ryan Carr, Founder, Tailwind

Become a one take wonder today

With these three powerful features, Loom empowers you to record confidently and effortlessly. Say goodbye to the days of retakes and thinking you need video editing skills to add polish, and hello to a new era of seamless recording with Loom. Try it out today and experience the difference for yourself!


May 3, 2024

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