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How a LinkedIn Learning Instructor Supports New Learners using Loom

My name is Rowena Hennigan and I am the founder of RoRemote.

I am a Remote Work expert, professor, consultant and trainer. One of my areas of expertise is Digital Nomadism and I recently launched a LinkedIn Learning Course on the topic.

To support my new learners, my team and I have used Loom to onboard new users onto the learning platform. Ensuring they can access my course easily, know how to navigate the content and have the best learning experience possible! 

Using Loom to Onboard New Learners

Becoming a LinkedIn Learning Instructor was a thrill and a career highlight for me. I was even more delighted to learn that my novel (some say groundbreaking) new course on Digital Nomadism; “Becoming a Digital Nomad”, could be shared with potential learners via a simple URL link that learners can click on to access for free.

Using this promotional free link became a large part of my course launch strategy, driving learners to access the link and take the course. I also took the approach of sharing these links with my clients and partners, to drive learner traffic to the course.

Many of these new learners had never used the platform before, so they were unsure about how to play the video course, navigate the learning chapters and interact with the course’s features effectively. This not only impacted their learning experience and course completion rate it also impacted our ability to drive new learners to the course.

Each course has these key features to enhance the learning experience:

  • Ask questions via the Q & A functionality, which the instructor can answer and is visible to all

  • Generate a certificate of completion, which is shared across the learner’s network on LinkedIn

  • Display a written transcript for viewing and to support course accessibility 

  • Be “liked” to increase visibility on LinkedIn Learning

  • Share the course on various Social Media channels

  • Leave a review, which is publicly visible

Soon after the launch of the course, I noted that these various features were being underused, so we decided to support learners with a Loom video to guide the whole process.

Create customized videos

The more customised this approach, the better! So I also began contacting some of my clients, who assist their teams with work-from-anywhere policies and support.

One of those clients was Safety Wing, a company that provides health insurance for remote teams and digital nomads.

I used Loom to onboard the Safety Wing team members and customised the introduction to fully explain all the features of the course clearly. This helped the new learners know exactly how to use the platform by watching a step-by-step video.

Loom’s easy-to-use interface meant we could record one video to share multiple times across SafetyWing’s team members: via a simple URL link we could share the video via direct message on LinkedIn Messaging.

By recoding one video I was able to scale information across the entire Safety Wing team which saved everyone time.

This short 1-minute video gave a demonstration of how to access the course and how to maximise the learning experience via the course features listed above.

This trick saved us a lot of time in our outreach strategy, decreasing the time we need to write, explain and interact with each individual learner.

Creating a video like this, which takes 1 min to view, is a user-friendly way to be explicit about the course functionality and key features, without overwhelming our new learners. I also soon noticed an increase in engagement in the course on all of these features and therefore experienced the benefit of a multiplier effect.

This is illustrated by the course analytics below, which validate the success of this approach. 

Linkedin Learning Course Screenshot

Wrapping Up

It only took a few minutes to record and then share a customised Loom with the members of the SafetyWing, inviting each learner with intent to take the course and make them feel included and welcomed.

Furthermore, taking this approach with other clients and individual learners proved to be a time-efficient and successful promotional strategy to increase learner engagement and metrics.

It is a method I will adopt gladly on an ongoing basis for my future courses!


Aug 30, 2022

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